Welcome Parents

The Mill is located in a quiet, serene location that’s a good distance away from the campus party zone. It’s a good place for students to set aside distractions and focus on their academics and relationships, instead of dealing with the revolving door of campus life. Our goal is to provide a place where your child can thrive, and we believe that The Mill is just that place. Check out our reviews; you’ll find that parents and students alike appreciate the experience of living at The Mill.

Convenient Location

At The Mill, your student can live off-campus without being too far away from school. Virginia Tech’s campus is only a short bike or bus ride away–the Blacksburg Transit bus lines stop at The Mill every 20 minutes, and the rides are free for students and staff. The Mill is also within walking distance of great places to eat, grocery stores, and plenty of activities.

Efficient and Comfortable

Our apartments are economical to heat and cool due to their brick and concrete construction, double-paned windows, and efficient lighting fixtures. Each apartment has A/C, and every room has individually controlled heating.

Quality Maintenance

We respond quickly to all maintenance requests, and we have a 24-hour on-call service for any emergencies. Our residents never go without prompt help for any issues that arise within the apartment. 

Open Door Policy

We have an open-door policy for residents and parents, and our management team is available between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday. We want your student’s experience to be comfortable and relaxed. To set up an appointment or report something anonymously, call the office at 540–552–4272.